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The Blasco Group is located at the Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials (INF 225). We are a very international (more than six different nationalities!) and interdisciplinary team. Our research is at the interface of organic chemistry, material sciences and optics. In particular, we focus on the development of new polymer-based functional materials with application in 4D printing.


25.03.2024 We've hit a milestone – we reached 100 publications! This achievement reflects the hard work, dedication, and passion of the whole team. Thanks to everyone and let’s hit the next milestone soon!
21.03.2024 Big congrats to Duc for winning the first prize at the RSC Engineering category during the RSCPoster 2024 online conference! His exceptional work truly stood out. For more details, check out the RSC Poster conference.
19.03.2024 Clara represented us at Nanobrücken 2024 in Lyon, talking about nanoindentation's revolutionary impact in material science. Thanks to Bruker for organising such a nice conference about the advances of nanoindentation! More information here.
27.02.2024 Duc, Christoph, and Eva attended MAKRO2024 in Freiburg, with Christoph and Duc presenting posters and receiving great feedback for their latest results. More info here.
19.02.2024 Philipp had an enriching experience at the 'Fourth Kyoto Winter School 2024 ‚Towards Holistic Understanding of Life’ organized by Prof. Motomu Tanaka at the Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University. A fantastic opportunity for deep learning and networking in the field!
27.01.2024 Samantha attended Photonics West 2024 in San Francisco and represented our group with a talk about our latest results! Photonics was buzzing with nearly 5,000 presentations and cutting-edge research. For more details, check out the event overview here.
20.12.2023 The Blasco Lab wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - stay healthy and see you in 2024!
24.11.2023 Congratulations, Dr. Weidinger! Last Friday Britta succesfully defended her PhD and we could not be prouder! The traditional picture with the PhD hat that the group prepared could not be missing; Look at small-Britta climbing the hat!
22.11.2023 Today, Nobel Laureate Ben Feringa has visited the institute. What an honour! Thank you for the inspiring talk and discussions!
21.11.2023 Our recent contribution to Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (MSDE), "Two-Photon Microprinting of 3D Emissive Structures Using Tetraazaperylene-Derived Fluorophores" has been selected as a HOT MSDE article! Further, our publication “4D printing of light activated shape memory polymers with organic dyes” has been specially selected by the Editors as an MSDE Editorial Highlight article. Check it out!
13.11.2023 Eva went to the "XIX Symposium of Young Chemical Researchers of the Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ, Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry)" which took place in Murcia (Spain). Congrats to Eva for receiving the Young Researcher Award!
28.10.2023 Eva, Pia and Clara attended the "Chemical Science Symposium 2023: Chemistry of polymers" hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry in London. Eva gave a lecture on "Shaping functional polymers in 3D" and Clara presented her poster at the flash poster presentation session. Congratulations to Clara for winning the Best Poster Award sponsored by RSC Applied Polymers!
23.10.2023 Today Britta submitted her Ph.D. thesis, what a milestone! And all the best for the defence, we are cheering for you!
16.10.2023 Welcome to Silas and Christian, who joined the group at the beginning of the month for their PhDs, and to Moritz and Lennard, who just joined the group for their master theses. Good luck and see you around!
29.09.2023 Pia and Clara went to the symposium on sustainable chemistry (2. Fachgruppentag Nachhaltige Chemie) at BASF in Ludwigshafen organised by the JungChemikerFormum of the GDCh. They presented the current vision of the group on how to make light-based 3D printing technologies ready for a sustainable future.
17.09.2023 Samantha attended BPS'23, the 18th biennial international Bayereuth Polymer Symposium and presented her research at the poster session. This year's symposiym covered research areas such as functional polymers, polymer nanostructures and 3D printing.
28.07.2023 We had a great time on our group trip exploring the Odenwald on a Solardraisine. Thanks to Finn for the organisation!
20.07.2023 Congratulations to Leonard and Kevin for finishing their bachelor theses and to Luna for finishing her master thesis. Great work!
14.07.2023 This week we had the pleasure to run the ‘Photochemistry and 3D Printing’ 3DMMO Module and hope everyone learned a lot.
13.07.2023 Our new publication on 3D printing hierarchically nano-ordered structures has just been accepted for publication in Advanced Science. Congratulations Britta and the collaborators, amazing work!
30.06.2023 Congratulations, Dr. Hsu! Last Friday Li-Yun succesfully defended her PhD and we could not be prouder of her. The traditional picture with the PhD hat that the group prepared could not be missing… Look at all the blinking LEDs!
29.06.2023 This week was the opening of the Science in the City exhibition where you can now explore our research in the middle of the Altstadt.
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23.06.2023 Our recent work in collaboration with the group of Prof. Steeb is just out in Advanced Materials Technologies. Congrats, Philipp and Li-Yun for the awesome work!
15.06.2023 Welcome back to Pia and Duc, who just re-joined their group for their PhD. See you around, guys!
See you around
12.06.2023 Part of the group attended the 3DMMO Young Scientist Retreat in Neustadt. We enjoyed our time there and are looking forward to the next one!
24.05.2023 Congratulations, Li-Yun, on submitting your thesis! And good luck on the Ph.D. defence; we are behind you!
Li-Yun Submission
23.05.2023 This week, Samantha and Clara attended the "Nanobrücken 2023: The Nanomechanical Testing Conference" in Saarbrücken. We have learnt a lot and are already looking forward to the next time!
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22.05.2023 Our publication on macromolecular engineering of 3D printed microstructures has been highlighted on Advanced Science News. Check the article out!
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15.05.2023 Kevin has joined our group for his bachelor thesis. Welcome and see you in the lab!
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12.05.2023 Pia and Duc just finished their master theses, congrats! We are so happy both are staying in the group for their PhD. See you soon.
02.05.2023 Welcome to Or and Leonard, who just joined the group for a postdoc and a bachelor thesis respectively. See you around guys!
See you around
27.04.2023 On April 27th we celebrated the Girls' Day! This year we had an amazing program alongside the Thomas and Schröder Group from the 3DMM2O Cluster. Thanks to Lilli, Pia and Clara for preparing a nice 3D printing demo in the lab.See you next year!
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26.04.2023 Eva has been awarded with the Young Scientist Award "Outstanding Group Leader" by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry. We feel so proud of you, Eva, very well deserved!
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23.04.2023 This week, Eva was at the “14th Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering” Conference (APME23) in Paris representing our group. Enjoy!
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17.04.2023 Welcome to Oihane, a master student of Universidad del Pais Vasco, who will be doing her final masters project at our group this summer term.
17.03.2023 On Friday, Christoph succesfully defended his PhD. The traditional picture with the PhD hat that the group prepared for him could not be missing! Congratulations, Dr. Spiegel, we are very proud of you and more than happy that you are staying in the group as Postdoc!
See you around
16.03.2022 Part of the group attended the 3DMM2O Conference 2023 "Future 3D Additive Manufacturing: 3D Molecular Systems" taking place from March 12th to March 16th, 2023 in the baroque Schöntal Monastery, Germany. Congratulations to Britta for winning one of the Best Poster Awards!
08.03.2023 The Blasco Lab wishes you Happy International Women's Day!
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28.02.2023 The group spent very fruitful days at the 3DMM2O Winter Cluster Meeting 2023 in Neustadt. We are looking forward to the next cluster event!
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27.02.2023 Welcome Lilliana and Finn, who just recently joined the group for their research internship and Ph.D. respectively. Have fun in the lab!
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21.02.2023 Luna is a student from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona that will be doing her final masters project at our group until July. Welcome, we are very happy to have you here!
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16.02.2023 Samantha, Britta and Eva went to the Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg MAKRO 2023! Samantha gave a great talk about her research and Britta presented her last results during the poster session. What a great conference!
Merry XMas
11.02.2023 Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science wishes you the Blasco Lab!
Merry XMas
10.02.2023 Today, Petra Olschowski, Minister of Science, Research and the Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg, is visiting the IMSEAM institute to learn more about our interdisciplinary research.
Merry XMas
10.02.2023 Look at the happiness in his face: Today Christoph submitted his Ph.D. thesis, congrats Christoph! And all the best for the Ph.D. exam, we are cheering for you!
Merry XMas
02.02.2023 The permanent scientific exhibition of the IMSEAM has been inaugurated - so if you happen to come by Heidelberg, pay us a visit. You can find a poster explaining our research focus as well as some 3D demonstrators of our materials.
Merry XMas
31.01.2023 We received the SPIE Best Paper 3D Printing Award at the Photonic West 2023 in San Francisco. Congrats to Eva and the team!
Merry XMas
30.01.2023 This week, Eva and Christoph are at the SPIE Photonics West 2023 in San Francisco representing our group. Enjoy!
Merry XMas
11.01.2023 Today was the Inaugural Lecture of Eva as full (W3) professor within the Public Lectures Series by the Cluster 3DMM2O. We enjoyed the afternoon with scientific discussions along with some pretzels and beverages.
Merry XMas
24.12.2022 The Blasco Lab wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - stay healthy and see you in 2023!
Merry XMas
21.12.2022 Today we surprised Eva at her appointment as full (W3) professor. We are so proud of her for this achievement. Congrats Eva!
See you around
12.12.2022 We had a lot of fun at the IMSEAM Xmas Party 2022! Duc and Clara entertained the evening with a networking-bingo game and some music. Looking forward to 2023 already!
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14.11.2022 Pia has re-joined the group for her master thesis. We are very happy to have you back!
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13.11.2022 Joel´s picture of a "glittery" world map fabricated via laser microprinting using liquid crystals has been chosen as one of the winners of the scientific photography contest organized by the Society of Spanish Scientists in Germany "CERFA".
Mapamundi Lc
11.11.2022 Clara represented the group at the hybird "Chemical Science symposium 2022: Sustainable synthesis and catalysis" organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry and with David Macmillan (2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) as a keynote speaker. The conference focused on a broad range of sustainable chemistry-related topics such as photocatalysis and alternative feedstocks. Clara also won one of the poster prizes. Congrats!
09.11.2021 Viktoria just submitted her master thesis. Well done!
08.11.2022 Our mini review on Natural and Naturally Derived Photoinitiating Systems for Light-Based 3D Printing has been accepted for publication in Organic Materials. Congratulations to Clara and Philipp!
Org Mater Natural Pis-graphicalabstract-600-dpi
07.11.2021 Are you looking for an interdisciplinary postdoc in an excellent and international scientific environment with access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities at the newly founded Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advance Materials (IMSEAM) at Heidelberg University? Then check out our open positions section and apply!
04.11.2022 Eva has been awarded with the prestigious Ernst Haage Prize in Chemistry 2022 for her outstanding achievements. Very well deserved, congratulations!
02.11.2022 Duc and Ann-Kathrin joined the group today for their master thesis and research internship, respectively. Welcome on board!
See you around
31.10.2022 Our new publication on 4D Printing of Light Activated Shape Memory Polymers has just been accepted for publication in Molecular Systems Design & Engineering. Great collaboration with Ignazio Roppolo and Claudia Barolo group!
Msde Lightinduced Smp Toc Gif-transparent
06.10.2021 Last Thursday we celebrated our recent achievements as well as Eva's birthday. Cheers and looking forward to more success together!
04.10.2021 Mehran just finished his Master Thesis, congrats! We wish you all the best in your bright future!
30.09.2022 Our publication on "living" 3D microstructures in collaboration with the Manuel Tsotsalas group (KIT) has been highlighted on the magazineC&EN Chemistry in Pictures. What an honour! Further, Advanced Science News also featured us on their Twitter account. Check these amazing news out!
Living Afm
12.09.2022 Part of the group participated in the Biennial Meeting of the GDCh (The Society of German Chemists) taking place from September 12th to September 14th, 2022 at the RWTH Aachen, Germany. This year the conference is dedicated to the field of adaptive polymers and systems. At the Award Ceremony on Monday, Eva received the prestigious Dr. Hermann Schnell Fellowship from the GDCh. Moreover, Li-Yun presented her recent results on 4D multiresponsive microactuators. Congratulations for winning a Best Poster Award!
02.09.2022 Christoph represented the group at the "4D Materials Design and Additive Manufacturing Conference 2022" organized by the 4D Printing Society. The conference focused on the state-of-the-art and the future of 4D printing, covering novel developments in smart materials, intelligent designs and modeling, among others. Christoph gave two very interesting talks which you can check here. Further, Christoph won one of the Best Talk Award of the conference. Congrats Christoph, very well done!
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01.09.2022 Guangda just joined the group with a prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Postdocs. Welcome to the team!
Photo - Guangda Zhu-square
24.08.2022 Our new publication on "living" 3D microstructures has just been accepted for publication in Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations Christoph and Yixuan, amazing work! Great collaboration with the Manuel Tsotsalas group (KIT)!
15.08.2022 Our recent work in collaboration with the Levkin group merging two-photon lithography and discontinuous wetting is just out in Advanced Materials Technology. Congrats, Joël and Zheqin!
12.08.2022 Our new paper "A Facile Approach for 4D Microprinting of Multi-photoresponsive Actuators" has been accepted for publication in Advanced Materials Technology. Congratulations to Li-Yun and Philipp! Beautiful piece of work!
Liyun Facileapproach
01.08.2022 Last week we offered a course within the Bertalanffy Summer School for outstanding highschool students. This time, Pia (17) and Benjamin (18) joined. After learning the principles of 3D printing, the young students modelled their own "air" and "rubber band" powered cars, which they then printed and tested. It was a pleasure having you, we wish you all the best in your future!
29.07.2022 Eva has been awarded with the Outstanding Young Researcher in Polymers GEP AWARD 2022 by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and the Spanish Royal Physics Society. We feel so proud of you, Eva, very well deserved!
22.07.2022 On Monday, Joël succesfully defended his PhD, and on Friday we celebrated his graduation at KIT along colleagues and friends. The traditional picture with the Fridericiana, as well as the wagon and PhD hat could nit be missing! Congratulations, Dr. Monti, we are very proud of you!
Joel Phd
15.07.2022 To continue the tradition we started last year, we spent one friday in summer together. This time we took a canoe trip on the Neckar (Hirschhorn-Neckargemünd) with a break in a "Biergarten" to recharge our batteries. Thanks to Philipp for the initiative and the organisation, and to the group for the lovely atmosphere. Already looking forward to next year's activity!
08.07.2022 As part of the Baden-Württemberg Post-Conference Program of the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, a few selected students visited us and had fun printing some Nobel medals. Was great having you here!
Bw Postconference
04.07.2022 Our paper on "Two-Photon Laser Microprinting of Highly Ordered Nanoporous Materials Based on Hexagonal Columnar Liquid Crystals" has just been accepted for publication. Cogratulations to first author Joël and all co-authors on the great piece of science!
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02.07.2022 Last week, Clara was at the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting representing the group. She was one of the 600 young scientists worldwide that got the chance to share a week with 30 Nobel Laureates. Among them, Clara enjoyed fruitful scientific discussions with Benjamin List (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021, bottom left picture) and Stefan Hell (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014, bottom right picture). Moreover, Clara retransmitted her week in the Twitter Account of the Carl Zeiss Stiftung. Check out the press release here.
28.06.2022 The GDCh awards Eva with a Dr. Hermann Schnell Fellowship. Congratulations! Check out the press release here.
23.06.2022 Clara has been awarded with a Kekulé Fellowship by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for her Ph.D. project. Congrats!
01.06.2022 From October 19-21 2022 the1st "Molecular Systems Engineering for Bioapplications (MSEB)" Conference is taking place here in Heidelberg. The conference aims to bring together scientists from various disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, materiala science, engineering, mathematics and medicine to discuss the state-of-the-art and future oportunities in the field of molecular engineering. Are you interested in cutting-edge biomaterials fabrication and related disciplines, like 3D-bioprinting or biohybrid soft robotics? The abstract submission for an oral presentation or a poster is possible until August 1 (23:30 CEST).
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23.05.2022 Claudius just joined the group for his bachelor thesis. Welcome on board and have fun!
Have fun
02.05.2022 After a stay abroad in Canada, Viktoria has re-joined the group again for her Master Thesis. We are happy to have you back!
28.04.2022 On April 28th we celebrated Girls' Day! Eva welcomed the students and then they enjoyed the day at our Campus in Heidelberg learning about 3D printing with some female researchers from the 3DMM2O Cluster. See you next year!
08.04.2022 Eva was one of the chairs of the 3DMM2O Conference 2022 "Future 3D Additive Manufacturing: 3D Nano- and Micro-Manufacturing: Technology and Technical Applications" taking place from April 3rd to April 8th, 2022 in the baroque Schöntal Monastery, Germany. We are looking back on a week of scientific networking and great talks on the state-of-the-art 3D Nano- and Micro-Manufacturing. Part of the group had the opportunity to participate and present their results. Congratulations to Li-Yun and Clara for winning both two of the four Best Poster Awards!
28.03.2022 Welcome to Tamara, who joined the group for her bachelor thesis. Good luck Tamara!
See you around
18.03.2022 Are you looking for an interdisciplinary postdoc in an excellent scientific environment with access to high-end technologies and state of the art labs in Germany? Then check out our collaboration project at the Innovation Campus Heidelberg Mannheim Health & Science an apply! More information in our open positions section.
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15.03.2022 After his Master thesis, Philipp has re-joined the group again for his PhD. Welcome back!
14.03.2022 Lotta will be doing her research internship at the group. See you around Lotta!
See you around
01.03.2022 Niklas just started a joint Ph.D. together with the group of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Franziska Thomas. Welcome Niklas!
21.02.2022 Lukas just joined the group for his research internship. Welcome on board!
Have fun
11.02.2022 On February 11th we want to acknowledge International Day of Women and Girls in Science, because we seek to promote full and equal access for women and girls to participate in science. Today we want to recognize the role that women and girls in general, and also the women in our group more especially, play in science and technology. For this reason, the female fraction of the group is featured on the official Twitter account of the Society of spanish scientists in Germany "CERFA", that Eva and Clara are part of. Check Eva's Tweet out!
08.02.2022 Advanced Science News just featured on Twitter our recent publication in Advanced Functional Materials about 4D printing of shape memory polymers at the macro and microscale. Check it out!
07.02.2022 Mehran has started his Master thesis at the group. See you around, Mehran!
17.01.2022 Welcome to Niclas, who joined the group today for a research internship!
12.01.2022 The press release about the latest publication of Eva in collaboration with KIT and other researchers of the 3DMM2O Cluster at Nature Photonics about the two-step absorption technique is now out.